Meet the Team

Behind The Apex Consultant Method, and Type One Media Consulting Services. 

Gavin Abeyratne

Gavin Abeyratne started his consulting career at Ernst and Young as an intern, but declined a graduate job offer there to start his own digital marketing agency. He was able to grow it to six figures in annual revenue in his first year of full time entrepreneurship. Understanding the power of these skills to drive growth in any business, he decided to apply them to a company he owned. He built a music education company with two friends from high school, and scaled it using digital marketing, allowing him to live location independently for years, before selling his share to his co-founders. To level up to his skills, he sought mentorship from the founder and CEO of Mindvalley one of the world’s largest digital publishing companies, and cultivated specific expertise in the marketing of experts, consultants, coaches and SaaS businesses.

He partnered with Colton Swabb to create The Apex Consultant Method, to decentralize access to world class marketing capability, and give independent consultants the ability to hit the Apex of their markets and their human potential.

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Colton Swabb

Colton Swabb was immersed in the world of digital marketing at a young age, as his family pioneered the application of direct response marketing on the internet. He honed his copywriting skills quickly, writing for some of the personal development industry’s biggest names. After hitting his goal as a successful freelance copywriter, he desired the next level of growth and adventure, so headed to Mindvalley. There he was able to cut his teeth on bigger projects, including launching New York Times best selling books, and selling millions of dollars in online courses, per month.

This public success catalyzed the development of his consulting firm, Type One Media, where he partnered with Gavin Abeyratne to consult with 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs, multiple NYT bestsellers, peak performance experts and much more. After years of this, and much success, the consulting duo knew it was time to make these results and what they knew more accessible globally—and created The Apex Consultant Method. 

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Sigute Zitikyte

Sigute is a public relations specialist with experience brokering joint venture deals and public speaking engagements.

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Khai Yong

Khai is a specialist in advanced data science and PPC advertising experienced in both lean bootstrapping and multi-7-figure media buying.

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Eric Strauss

Eric is a former Goldman Sachs Global Operations specialist, and former Mindvalley COO, who runs our consulting division—taking us to new heights with less stress than ever.