Lessons From the Field

Leveraging ‘The Everywhere Effect’

Have you ever been online and clicked on something, then left that site… only to see an advertisement for the product you were just looking at in the sidebar of the next site you visited?

Here’s What That Can Look Like, Even on the Illustrious New York Times:

That’s not the NSA trying to help out your local Audi dealership, it’s something called ‘paid retargeting advertising’ and it is one of the most underutilized tools every consultant should be leveraging.

Here’s an example of how this can work for you…

Imagine one of your clients visits your site, or the website of one of your competitors, and they don’t make a decision to work with you then and there, which will be the case almost 80% of the time…

And yet, that evening when they log into Facebook, they see a blurb about a talk you gave recently, with a link to the video. They click on it.

The next day, they see an article, where you were featured in one of the...

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Why It's Hard To Promote Yourself As A Consultant

Being an independent freelance consultant, or professional service provider means you have to be good at self-promotion.

Self-promotion is simply not optional in today’s digital age.

But here’s the thing about self-promotion:

There is an inverse correlation between looking good and being good.

The people who are the noisiest about what they do, often aren’t the ones who are the best at what they do.

Because the people who are actually good, are always focusing on how to get better.

They’re asking themselves, “How can I be better? How can what I do be better? How is this not already perfect?”

While the people who are good at self-promotion are saying to themselves...

“I am already perfect. This is already perfect. I need to make sure everyone who needs to know about it, knows about it.”

And as a result, the people who are doing the best work… often get the least clients.

This is because, you can’t promote yourself and...

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Authority, Influence, Power—The Keys to Apex Positioning

The number one complaint we hear from the consultants we work with, is that they HATE having to chase clients.

They find it demeaning, frustrating and fundamentally wrong.


Because they KNOW they have an incredible track record of delivering results, and can definitely help their prospective clients.

But still, they find themselves having to persuade prospects in person or on the phone...

In what seems like the 100th time they have had the same conversation.

Frankly, it sucks the fun (and glamor) out of what is otherwise a highly respected and enjoyable profession.

So How Do Apex Consultants Get Around This, and ATTRACT Clients Instead of Chasing Them?

The answer is...

Leveraged Media.

Specifically, webinars and video presentations.

But not the ones you're used to...


Because if someone has heard your voice and seen you demonstrate valuable content BEFORE they speak to you, they are far, far more likely to show up receptive.

This is far more powerful than a generic LinkedIn...

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Thinking Clearly in Chaos

One of the biggest challenges most consultants face is being able to think clearly in the midst of adversity.

The nature of what we do is solving problems.

Constantly, solving problems.

Which is chaos.

And when we are paid to enter chaos and adversity voluntarily, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to keep a clear and objective mind about ourselves and what we do.

To be clear and objective about the things that matter most, like:

- Is this the most efficient use of my time?
- Should I be focusing on this now, or later?
- If I put this off, will it get easier later do this, or harder?
- Is this actually good for me?
- Am I getting better at the tings I want to be getting better at, or am I just coasting from opportunity to opportunity?
- Is how I feel about this, an accurate reflection of whether this is a good idea, or not?

These are just a few of the hard questions we face.

And in truth, the answers are too far out of reach, when you’re on your own in a chaotic environment.


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Decrease Risk To Experience Rewards

Ever heard the saying, "the best defense is a good offense"?

Well, in the world of the consulting it is reversed.

In consulting, the best offense is a good defense.

What do we mean by this?

Well, consulting is actually a risky business.

You need to execute a defensive strategy that lets you assert yourself, command the fees you deserve, and generally not get pushed around.


Two main reasons:

1. Client side risk (Demand side)

If you only have a few clients, or worse still, ONE major client... then the loss of that client is going to severely impact your income if that client leaves.

No matter how good you are as a consultant, you simply cannot control all the external variables and influences that may cause this to happen.

So if you're in a position where the loss of a single client is going to materially affect your personal and professional well being, you are essentially working a job without the security of an employment contract. No bueno!

2. Keyperson Risk (Supply...

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15 Things Consultants Give Up To Achieve Success

When growing your business, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of trying to add more. More processes, more systems, more leads, more sales, because more is more — right?

Actually yes, it can be seen that the most successful consultants are adding more value, more often, to more people.

But the important distinction, that separates the best from the rest…

Is that before they added more, the world’s top consultants ruthlessly eliminate everything unnecessary from their lives and businesses…

Until only the essential remains.

Then, and only then, are they able to truly grow without restrains.

After working with dozens of the world’s most exclusive consultants, entrepreneurs, authors and experts — we discovered a pattern that these were the most critical 15 things they gave up first.

In order to gain the momentum to carry them for the duration of their career —and reach the heights of personal and professional achievement. 


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Consultant VS. Entrepreneur

As you will learn in our  upcoming presentation, "The Truth About Consulting", any consultant can achieve a life of success and freedom.

One where you reliably attract qualified clients, have no limitations on the income you earn, scale without restraint, earn back your time and are unanimously respected by the clients you choose to work with.

Resulting in a life of ultimate lifestyle freedom.

Many consultants start out with this dream...

But not everyone makes it.

You see this reality is accessible to everyone, but not everyone takes advantage of it.


It comes down to...

Beliefs, values and attitudes.

You see, while these opportunities are available to everyone, most don’t know what is possible for them...

Why it’s possible (and what really makes it possible)...

Or what really separates those who make it, from those who don't. 

But to save you the time, if we really had to sum it up in one sentence... 

Fundamentally it comes...

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The Myth of Procrastination

One of the biggest myths of our era, is the myth of procrastination.

If you tell almost anybody that there's something you should be doing, that is your highest priority item, and you tell them that despite your best efforts you simply aren't doing it—they'll likely tell you that you're procrastinating.

That somehow despite you being you, and having thought it out, that you are still delaying on this necessary action that will lead to your inevitable success.

And to help you out, they'll give you productivity tips.

They'll teach you how you can get more out of your time and be a better worker (yikes).

But it doesn't help.

Because the problem you're experiencing isn't procrastination.

You see, even though it feels like you're procrastinating and not doing what you know you should be doing...

What everybody is telling you, you should be doing...

Things like outreaching new clients, running facebook ads, proactively finding new work, implementing this new marketing tactic, this...

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How Are You Spending Your Most Valuable Resource?

The top 1% of consultants all have certain traits in common…

They have a system for reliably acquiring new customers. 

They leverage their credibility to generate authority and influence.

And they are all extremely diligent with their time. 

We find it so interesting when we have calls with these top 1% of consultants, because they behave so differently than the bottom 99%.

When they commit to something, they show up before or exactly on time.

They make decisions quickly and move straight from commitment to execution. 

And they get results, because they are very conscious of how they invest their time and more importantly…

How They Leverage Their Time to Grow Their Business. 

You see, the top 1% of consultants know that just because they can do everything… doesn’t mean they should do everything. 

They realize that even though they can manage every part of their process and execute it themselves, their business is far more...

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How to Only Talk to Leads Who Want to Work With You

How often do you find yourself on the phone with a prospect and realize minutes in, that this person is not even close to your ideal client? 

Some people, no matter how badly they need your solution, aren’t ready to hear it, no matter what you say.

Like one of our old mentors used to say, “You can’t do the push-ups for them.”

When we first started out, we used to have this happen all the time. 

To the point, that we would only expect 1 in 5 people we talk to, to even be qualified for our programs. 

Obviously, this isn’t ideal, which is why we devised a highly effective way of reaching larger audiences, of the right people, and creating an automated system for filtering through them, so only the people we know will join our programs will speak with us. 

Little did we know, this one shift in focus (born primarily out of laziness), would go on to be one of the single most important innovations we ever made in our business.

Not only did...

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