Authority, Influence, Power—The Keys to Apex Positioning

The number one complaint we hear from the consultants we work with, is that they HATE having to chase clients.

They find it demeaning, frustrating and fundamentally wrong.


Because they KNOW they have an incredible track record of delivering results, and can definitely help their prospective clients.

But still, they find themselves having to persuade prospects in person or on the phone...

In what seems like the 100th time they have had the same conversation.

Frankly, it sucks the fun (and glamor) out of what is otherwise a highly respected and enjoyable profession.

So How Do Apex Consultants Get Around This, and ATTRACT Clients Instead of Chasing Them?

The answer is...

Leveraged Media.

Specifically, webinars and video presentations.

But not the ones you're used to...


Because if someone has heard your voice and seen you demonstrate valuable content BEFORE they speak to you, they are far, far more likely to show up receptive.

This is far more powerful than a generic LinkedIn profile, which lets face it, all start to look the same after a while.

In The Apex Consultant Method, we teach you how to craft a video sales presentation that grabs your ideal prospect's attention, and demonstrates why you are the best solution for them. It allows you to demonstrate your credibility in advance of speaking to them, so that by the time they show up on a call or reach out to you, they already know, like and trust you.

Taping Into the Power of Pre-suasion Will Transform Your Consulting 

Frankly, it will transform your entire experience of consulting, and you'll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.



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