Consultant VS. Entrepreneur

As you will learn in our  upcoming presentation, "The Truth About Consulting", any consultant can achieve a life of success and freedom.

One where you reliably attract qualified clients, have no limitations on the income you earn, scale without restraint, earn back your time and are unanimously respected by the clients you choose to work with.

Resulting in a life of ultimate lifestyle freedom.

Many consultants start out with this dream...

But not everyone makes it.

You see this reality is accessible to everyone, but not everyone takes advantage of it.


It comes down to...

Beliefs, values and attitudes.

You see, while these opportunities are available to everyone, most don’t know what is possible for them...

Why it’s possible (and what really makes it possible)...

Or what really separates those who make it, from those who don't. 

But to save you the time, if we really had to sum it up in one sentence... 

Fundamentally it comes down to this.

As an independent consultant, you are also now an entrepreneur.

The distinction is subtle, but here’s what you need to know.

A consultant who does not embrace the 3 core traits of an entrepreneur, is capable of experiencing success as a consultant… but won’t.

And an entrepreneur who adopts these 3 core traits, will experience success in any venture they boldly go.

If you want to succeed as a consultant, here are the 3 core traits you now need to embrace:

1. Risk and reward

As an independent consultant, you have traded the 'security' of a job for the upside of unlimited income. Consequently, you are bearing risk and must manage it at both a financial and emotional level. This will not be comfortable, but the upside is dramatic.

2. Investor mindset

You have a business, and in a sense, you are the business. What do you need to enable you to stay in your zone of genius? Trying to do biz dev, service delivery, administration in your business all by yourself is a recipe fo disaster. Technological systems and marketing assets free up your time and create predictability. You may also need to hire, and this will also be uncomfortable. What is the one thing only you can do, and are you ready to delegate and automate the rest to scale?

3. Equity 

This is a big one. Most of the world's wealth is stored in equity, not income. Is there equity in your business? Do you have a proprietary process that can be delivered with you?  Do you have the ability to generate new business on demand? Have you aggregated your audience?

After working with hundreds of consultants and entrepreneurs…

The successful ones all shared these same beliefs, values and attitudes. And have succeeded multiple times, regardless of their niche.

While most consultants fail.

So, you may not be asking these questions yet, but I can almost guarantee you that you will inevitably reach the same conclusions.

We would love to hear your thoughts…

Do you agree or disagree with the above points?

Leave a comment and let us know.


If you're ready to take advantage of these 3 traits and engineer growth in your consulting business:

About what risks are worth taking, and what rewards we can help you win...

What areas you should be investing in to reach your goals (and what areas are actually distractions deterring you from success)...

And how you can create enduring equity in your business that will last for generations...

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