Control What Can Be Controlled

One of the most profound benefits our clients get when they join The Apex Consultant Method, is something that is hard to come by and even controversial. 


Control over their client generation and deal flow.

Control over their cash flow and revenue. 

Control over the growth of their consulting business. 

Control over how they spend their time.

Control over how they are perceived.

Control Over What Can Be Controlled.

The truth is, most things in life (and business) cannot be controlled.

Many things are speculative. Market trends, the invention of disrupting technologies and methodologies, and the vast distribution of information make things inherently chaotic. 

You can see it in people betting furiously on this cryptocurrency, or that. And hoping a volatile swing will emerge in their favor. 

But, hope is not enough for us at Apex Consultant. 

We don’t believe it is enough to succeed, but that one must maintain success. It is not enough to generate wealth, but you must also keep wealth.  And use to for the betterment of your life and the lives of others. 

Chaos and speculation has always been the case, it’s nothing new. 

In fact, chaos is the reason why those who succeed are not the people who are always looking for how things are different. This is easy, like looking for the crest of waves.

Those who succeed in truly epic proportions, are those who have the vision to see how things stay the same. To see the ocean, from the waves. 

This is How You Predict and Create the Future. 

When you see how things stay the same, you don’t have to rely on hope for your marketing. 

Instead, you can rely on what is consistent. You can create systems to grow your business that are reliable, predictable, and adaptable, no matter what the economic environment.

So, that you can control the most important levers of growth in your business: your client acquisition, client conversion, and service delivery. 


That said, we do believe new trends and technologies should be embraced when they emerge. We love progress and innovation as much as the next.

But only so long as they prove their usefulness and increase our ability to serve those most important to us. 



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