Don’t Hire When You Can Automate

Once you use The Apex Consultant Method to get reliable and sustainable highly-qualified clients from the internet…

The next most common challenge consultants face, is scale.

You see, the hardest part of creating a wildly profitable consulting practice is not getting the clients, but balancing growth with getting your clients results.

Which leads to one of the hardest lessons a consultant can learn…

Don’t hire when you can automate. 

The reality is: far more businesses have died from over-hiring, than from automating.

To avoid this unfortunate reality...

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire When You Can Automate:

1) Overhead and time:

If you hire out what can (and should be) be automated, you run the risk elevating your overhead beyond what is sustainable and allowing for too much human error, too early into your business.

On average, nearly half of your new employees will end up not being a good fit for your organization, or produce results. And between the time spent on-boarding, and off-boarding them, you will lose a lot of focus that should be spent on getting your customers results. 

And when you sacrifice focus on results, your business will suffer in the long-term. 

Your time is best spent building systems. 

When you are the kind of person who can execute everything in your business, it makes it harder to know when you should and shouldn’t.  And if you ever find yourself wondering if you should be doing this in your business, chances are you shouldn’t. 

As the owner of the expertise, who knows your customer better than anyone, the #1 thing you should be focused on at all times is creating new systems to automate client results. Period.

If there’s something in your business that is done more than once, whether that be getting new clients, fulfilling your services, documenting case studies, creating marketing campaigns and advertising—you need to create a system for it. 

Any time spent after the first time doing something, that isn’t focused on building a system for it, is a waste of time. 

2) High-Performance teams thrive on automation.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Bill Gates

The truth is, the majority of consulting companies are bloated and could get the same results with teams 80% smaller, by simply incentivizing their high-performers properly, and using automation to do the rest. 

This is doubly true, when you take into account Parkinson’s Law, which states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” When you automate what can be automated, you take all the space out of the equation and free up the focus for your high-performers to do what they do best: get results. 

3) Automation makes your business fundamentally, more human.

Automation often gets a bad reputation because many consultants assume that adding too much automation will remove the intimacy from your business. They think that technology removes the human element from a business.

That it will feel less personal, less human. 

But the reality is, automating the necessary tasks will dramatically decrease the stress of wasted time in your business, and on you. And free you and your team up to be far more focused on being present with your clients, which will result in more intimacy, understanding, and results for your clients. 

In the End, This Will Make Your Business More Human—by Empowering People, to Better Serve People.

Which is what this has always been about. 

These are just a few of the ways we propose in The Apex Consultant Method, how you can automate instead of hire—to scale your business, free up your time and increase your income. 


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