From 6-Figures A Year to 6-Figures A Month

One the first ever clients we worked with (who is a long-time friend of ours now) is Joel Brown.

When we met Joel, he had many good things going for him.

He built the world’s most popular personal growth blog.

He was featured in several films.

He had sold many successful courses, and was a full-time entrepreneur. 

However, Joel suffered from the same challenge that nearly all consultants face.

Despite his enormous social media reach, he had no way to reliably acquire new clients and accurately forecast future incomes.

Which is why we teamed up with Joel and used the same process you’ll be learning in the Apex Consultant Method, and within months of working together we helped him take his business from…

6 figures a year, to 6-figures a MONTH.

Here’s Some of What We Learned With Joel, That May Help You, Too:

 1. Not all traffic is made equal.

Despite having a website with millions of views per month, almost none of that traffic was interested in purchasing Joel’s high-ticket services. 

Once we helped Joel set up a sophisticated filtering process, he was able to sort the wheat from the chaff. 

 2. It’s infinitely easier to sell, when you know there are always more clients.

Using our system, Joel gets new applications whenever he wants. So, when he jumps on sales calls, he is able to confidently tell prospects that if they didn’t join now, that all 25 seats will be filled quickly.

And now, he sells out every single time he runs his programs. 

 3. Once you crack your perfect price and offer, it’s easy to duplicate. 

Getting the applications and calls coming in was one thing, but it took some time for us to find the sweet-spot in terms of price and offer. 

But extraordinary thing is, once you figure this out for generating one client from cold traffic, it’s the exact same process for every single new client thereafter.

So, instead of unpredictability, negotiation on prices, and unique case-by-case packages for clients…

Joel’s business thrives on duplicating the same service and results for every single client. 

And when you can advertise to an audience in the millions… the growth of your business truly becomes limitless, and 6-figure months are only a starting point.


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