How to Only Talk to Leads Who Want to Work With You

How often do you find yourself on the phone with a prospect and realize minutes in, that this person is not even close to your ideal client? 

Some people, no matter how badly they need your solution, aren’t ready to hear it, no matter what you say.

Like one of our old mentors used to say, “You can’t do the push-ups for them.”

When we first started out, we used to have this happen all the time. 

To the point, that we would only expect 1 in 5 people we talk to, to even be qualified for our programs. 

Obviously, this isn’t ideal, which is why we devised a highly effective way of reaching larger audiences, of the right people, and creating an automated system for filtering through them, so only the people we know will join our programs will speak with us. 

Little did we know, this one shift in focus (born primarily out of laziness), would go on to be one of the single most important innovations we ever made in our business.

Not only did it give us the benefit of working with only people we actually enjoy working with…

But it also helped us dramatically scale our business, by niching down and only speaking to the people we know for a fact we can help. 

But what do I mean by highly-qualified?

In our business we consider, highly-qualified leads to be:

    1.    People who can afford our programs

    2.    People who stand to have a lot to benefit from our programs.

    3.    People who self-select as being decisive and committed.

    4.    People who know about us, our programs, and are already in a place to commit the time and money to work with us.

Anyone who doesn’t meet all 4 of those criteria, we don’t speak to, because it would only be a waste of our time and of theirs. 

And the truth is, timing is a big deal for a lot of people.

Only 10% or less of the people in your market will be ready to work with you when you meet them.

For the rest, you need a systematic way to remain relevant and deepen the relationship, so when they are ready—they already know they want to work with you.

And that’s what we teach in Apex Consultant, so you can get direct access to your ideal clients and speak to only highly-qualified leads…

While simultaneously, nurturing leads for who the timing isn’t right, into customers 30, 60, even 90 days down-the-line.

So, months after you create your marketing system… You’re making sales every single day, from something you did months ago and the results compound into predictable, reliable, and best of all… scalable revenue. 

Just imagine...

How your life and business will change, when you the calls you have will be with only to highly-qualified leads, who already know about you, and your services and are looking for a way to work with you.

And all you need to do is reassure them that they are making the right decision by working with you. 


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