Leveraging ‘The Everywhere Effect’

Have you ever been online and clicked on something, then left that site… only to see an advertisement for the product you were just looking at in the sidebar of the next site you visited?

Here’s What That Can Look Like, Even on the Illustrious New York Times:

That’s not the NSA trying to help out your local Audi dealership, it’s something called ‘paid retargeting advertising’ and it is one of the most underutilized tools every consultant should be leveraging.

Here’s an example of how this can work for you…

Imagine one of your clients visits your site, or the website of one of your competitors, and they don’t make a decision to work with you then and there, which will be the case almost 80% of the time…

And yet, that evening when they log into Facebook, they see a blurb about a talk you gave recently, with a link to the video. They click on it.

The next day, they see an article, where you were featured in one of the major publications in your field… they click on it. 

Now, you’re something they’re thinking about. And the more committed they become to solving their problem, the more obvious it becomes that you are their solution.

After several weeks of this, they Google you, find your website, and schedule a call. It’s one of the easiest calls you’ve ever had, it is like they already know you.

In fact, it seems like nearly every single call you have, since you took The Apex Consultant Method, goes like this.

And that’s because you’ve tapped into what we call ‘The Everywhere Effect.’

In most cases, when someone visits your site and doesn’t decide to book a call straight away, they leave and you become out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

But the truth is, these are all client sales you are leaving on the table, because your business is missing this highly effective form of leverage.

‘The Everywhere Effect’ is when you use your credibility and authority in your niche, to become the most relevant choice in your industry. 

Resulting in:

    •    More sales, from fewer leads

    •    Shorter-sales cycles, from more committed clients

    •    Greater authority and influence in your field, that leverages your current level of credibility

    •    Omnipresence, where it feels like you are the only obvious choice for your clients

If you’re ready to learn how you can tap into the ‘Everywhere Effect’ for your consulting business…

Simply reach out for guidance.

And learn how you can use our system to become the most relevant authority in your field.


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