Mindset VS. Tactics

Have you ever wondered why some consultants appear to succeed effortlessly, speaking on stages worldwide, contributing to prestigious publications, and cranking out seven figures a year at super high margins....

While other consultants are plagued by anxiety, waiting for a new client to come along to alleviate their financial insecurity?

Yes, there are some tactical differences, lead generation, scalable service, marketing...


The successful execution of those tactics is far more related to the mental, behavioral, and even dare I say even ethical characteristics of the individual involved.

Specifically as they relate to...

Entrepreneurial Tendencies

Having not been born into an entrepreneurial family, I have been fascinated by entrepreneurial tendencies since I can remember.

How is it, that a select few got to enjoy a life of freedom, wealth, and influence that seemed completely out of reach to a working class family like mine?

After having studied this for the better part of 20 years, it comes down to ten behavioral polarities, which we will share with you over the next few weeks, starting now:

Apex Polarity #1: Passive vs. Active

Of all of the traits we observed, this is perhaps the most insidious.


Because if you're a great consultant, you can get away with being passive for a while, sometimes even a long while, but never indefinitely.

What do I mean by passive?

Pretty much reliant on referrals, coasting on your past successes and existing clients, and letting work come to you.

We've been guilty of this before, and let's face it, while you're coasting, life is pretty sweet!

Unfortunately It Almost Never Lasts

And unless you like dipping into savings, or having to 'hustle' for new business when you do find yourself needing it...

Being passive is a false economy. It is risky, unsustainable and will lead to a LOT more effort when you are least prepared for it.

Very, very few consultants are smart enough to be proactive about generating business when they don't need it immediately.

Certainly we had to learn the lesson the hard way, but fortunately we now have automated processes that keep new business constantly coming in, so we are never, ever in a position where we will be caught off guard again.

This Makes Consulting Fun, Sustainable, and Far Less Stressful.

If you want us to help you set up a system for predictably and consistently generating new business...

Reach out for help.

The best defense is a good offense... which we'll talk about more in the next exciting episode of "Becoming the Apex Consultant"



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