Not Just an Art, But A Science

Most people spend their lives in search of one thing…


Proof that the future is going to unfold in a certain way. 

But the truth is no one knows what the future holds, what’s going to happen next, or how things will shake down. 

Which is an unbearable feeling for most people. 

Feeling out of control, blind to the future, and reactive to life’s happenings. 

But there is one way to feel certain about the future…

And that’s not just relying on art for living…but also science. 

Let me give you a quick example. 

You see, when Gav and I first started to market our services, we used to think that the results we got from our campaigns were due to, well… us.

That we got extraordinary results, because our copy was the best copy.

Or because we knew our audience the better than anyone else. 

That our results were good, because we were good. 

But then we started to notice something...

At first, we jokingly called it ‘The God of Maths.’

He showed up in the small things, like the predictable performance of an ad...

The growth curve of an audience, which looks the same every time regardless of niche…

The number of applications we received after turned a new funnel on, which we learned to count on…

The number of calls booked through a scheduler…

The number of sales made over a 30-day period…

The First Time We Turned on a Funnel to Sell Our Services, Our Calendars Were Flooded.

We had 4 calls a day, every day, for weeks. With people who knew about us, our services and wanted to work with us. 

Our egos inflated.

Then, we did it again, this time in another niche. 

Then we started to teach our process, and the consultants and organizations we worked with got these results and a predictable level of success. 

Which is when we realized that it wasn’t a ‘God of Maths’ who was controlling patterns and numbers…

But something much more profound and meaningful…

We realized that predictably acquiring new customers from the internet is not just an art, but a science. 

A science of creating a marketing system that establishes your authority and attracts your ideal clients in mass is more akin to physics, than anything else.

If you were to ask me, “Colton, what is the best stock to invest in right now?”

I'm not sure, too speculative. 

But if you asked me, “If I follow your process, step by step, will I get calls from highly-qualified leads who want to purchase my services and programs?”

The answer is: yes.

Surest thing in my life.

Because the best thing you can invest in is a system that leverages your time and expertise.

And how to build that system is exactly what we teach you how to do.

Our program takes the guesswork out of marketing, and teaches exactly what to do, how do it, and what order to do it in, too.

Learn How To:

    •    Become the go-to authority in your field

    •    Tap into the total amount of market demand for your products and services

    •    Fill your calendar with inbound calls from your ideal prospects

It cuts the learning curve (nearly two decades of experience) to learn new predictable and leveraged client acquisition, and distills it into a process that any expert can follow. 

If you want to find out how the Apex Consultant method can help you become the most relevant choice in your industry, get more clients, and create a profound level of predictability and stability in your business…

Reach out for help.  


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