The Myth of Procrastination

One of the biggest myths of our era, is the myth of procrastination.

If you tell almost anybody that there's something you should be doing, that is your highest priority item, and you tell them that despite your best efforts you simply aren't doing it—they'll likely tell you that you're procrastinating.

That somehow despite you being you, and having thought it out, that you are still delaying on this necessary action that will lead to your inevitable success.

And to help you out, they'll give you productivity tips.

They'll teach you how you can get more out of your time and be a better worker (yikes).

But it doesn't help.

Because the problem you're experiencing isn't procrastination.

You see, even though it feels like you're procrastinating and not doing what you know you should be doing...

What everybody is telling you, you should be doing...

Things like outreaching new clients, running facebook ads, proactively finding new work, implementing this new marketing tactic, this thing or that...

There's a reason you're not doing it.

Many people will tell you that you're procrastinating on doing what you need to be doing right now to grow your business, because you're afraid you're not going to achieve your goals.

That if you do the right things, just like everyone says, that it still won't work.

And that will mean that there is something wrong with you.

But that's not the truth, is it?

The truth is, what many people don't understand about procrastination, is that many of us are not afraid of not achieving our goals...

We're afraid that we will.

There is something that we are getting out of being exactly where we are right now in life.

The income level we are at, the level of contribution we are at, etc.

And on the surface, when we are told we should do this thing or that to grow our business and we don't do it: it looks like procrastination.

But in reality, you are either consciously, or more than likely subconsciously, being smart. Just in a way that isn't serving you... right now.

Because you're getting something that you need by not changing right now.

Or better yet, something you needed, by not reaching that next level that you say you want.

Because if you really wanted it, you would get it... right?

You would do the simple things required to get there.

Because if someone else has achieved what you want to achieve in business, that means that it isn't out of your reach. They followed simple actions, you can follow, too. And you know that.

So, the question is, what are you getting out of being where you are right now?

And better yet...

What do you need to get clear on, to help you take the necessary action to get to where you want to be?

Because until you are crystal clear on what you will get out of changing and reaching that next level in your business...

Whether it's that new house or car...

Whether it's the freedom to travel to this place or that, and take your family with...

Or the ability to pursue that passion you've always wanted to double down...

Whatever you reason WHY is... (and no judgement)

You won't do what you need to do, until you're convinced you can get there.

And until you know what you want.

Most people don't know what they want.

Which is why they don't get it.

You don't know, so you don't take action. Because by doing nothing, or looking busy doing things that aren't really that important (many people's personal favorite)... you are getting exactly what you want.

Which is nothing.

But that doesn't last does it? And life demands more from us.

So, the question is, what do you want?

And do you want help figuring it out?

When we start working with someone, we always take them through a clarity coaching process.

It's essential.

Because if we don't help you get clear on what you want starting out, then you'll just end up getting somewhere you don't want to be.

The worst outcome when working with us isn't that you'll fail.

The worst outcome is that you'll succeed in a way you don't actually want to.

You'll create a business you don't want to own.

Or in creating a life you don't want to live.

So, don't skip step #1! It's important.

Find out what you want, it's simple but hard.

Ask yourself, check in with yourself. Take ten minutes in a quiet place and see where you're at.

Your wants and needs have likely changed since the last time you asked.

Especially, if you're very adept at dodging your own questions, reach out for help.


When you shift what you're getting out of what you're doing now, to be not being enough...

You'll naturally fall into place and start doing what you need to do, and get to where you want to be.


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