The Price of Freedom...

When I worked a job, I longed to be free.

I felt I could do everything better, faster and directly benefit from the spoils of my labour. 

Seemed easy enough right?

Whilst much of that feeling turned out to be true, the reality of going renegade *cough* independent was also a slap in the face.

You see....

When You Work For a Company, You Don't Just Work For it, it Works For You.

HR, Admin, Accounting, payroll, office management and critically marketing are all functions of which you are a beneficiary.

As such, when you quit your job and go independent, you realize that the freedom you longed for has a price.

The buck stops with you, for better or worse.

And whilst you can ride high off referrals and your network for a while, you will inevitably realize that you are alone in uncharted territory.

Not Everyone Survives This Transitionary Period.

Having navigated it successfully and helped others do the same, we can tell you there are a few things that are going to help you thrive and build your dream business and achieve the freedom you were after. 

How To Thrive And Build Your Dream Business:

1. Division of Labor 

Write down all the tasks you need to do and map them as discrete functions. Typically this breaks down into three categories:

- Marketing and Sales
- Service Delivery
- Admin

You will probably have a tendency to sit in the second bucket, but in reality you need to get to a place where you (or an automated sales funnel) spends most of their time generating new business. Selling consulting services is heavily dependent on timing, so you have to be spinning up deals constantly to stay ahead of your expenses. We show consultants how to leverage marketing automation to do this, as it is far less strenuous and time consuming than doing it manually.

All tasks are not created equal, so taking the time to re-assess where you're spending your finite resources is crucial.

2. Comparative advantage 

When you go independent, it can feel challenging to compete against the bigger players in your industry. The way around this, is to leverage comparative advantage and seek out and attract clients for whom you are clearly the most relevant choice, especially in the early days. Start by thinking about which clients you've achieved the best results for, and where you have some great case studies. It's easy to start focused and expand, but hard to do the opposite, which leads to point #3.

3. Specialization 

Once you've found your sweet spot, hone in and become the best specialist for your ideal clients. This focus will feel limiting, but save you from a world of pain, and allow you to scale and grow your business much more easily, because you only need to target a small group of people, for whom you can position yourself as the most relevant. This will, paradoxically, lead to you getting more and more clients, experiencing less price resistance and working less.

4. Stay connected and don't reinvent the wheel

You may be thinking, gee these guys seem to really get my situation... it's almost as though, my problems are not unique to me, and there are proven ways to solve them!

Well, perhaps the ultimate form of leverage, is to have the wisdom to benefit from other people's experience, specifically to learn from their mistakes.

We have a proven methodology for helping consultants employ leverage to generate predictable lead flow, deliver scalable services and cultivate authority and influence.

Ultimately, you get to enjoy a lifestyle of freedom, high income, and high impact on a small group of clients that respect your expertise, and are willing to pay for it.

It's called the Apex Consultant Method, and if you're interested in finding out how it can apply to your situation—simply reach out. 

There's no need to struggle with things like generating lead flow, managing your consulting business or transitioning to scalable service delivery models like e-learning.

We made this program specifically for consultants like you.

So let yourself sit in the client seat for this one, because no matter how easy it is to consult for other people's businesses, you cannot consult for yourself.



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