Thinking Clearly in Chaos

One of the biggest challenges most consultants face is being able to think clearly in the midst of adversity.

The nature of what we do is solving problems.

Constantly, solving problems.

Which is chaos.

And when we are paid to enter chaos and adversity voluntarily, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to keep a clear and objective mind about ourselves and what we do.

To be clear and objective about the things that matter most, like:

- Is this the most efficient use of my time?
- Should I be focusing on this now, or later?
- If I put this off, will it get easier later do this, or harder?
- Is this actually good for me?
- Am I getting better at the tings I want to be getting better at, or am I just coasting from opportunity to opportunity?
- Is how I feel about this, an accurate reflection of whether this is a good idea, or not?

These are just a few of the hard questions we face.

And in truth, the answers are too far out of reach, when you’re on your own in a chaotic environment.

This is the reason why monks eliminate distraction and chaos from their worlds, by climbing mountains and setting up shop to contemplate the mysteries of the universe (a different set of problems).

Because it’s easy to think clearly, when you literally eliminate all chaos from your life and everything becomes still.

Enlightenment is literally possible, in that environment.

But when you’re in a chaotic business environment, working for yourself, or others, and being paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve…

Well, there’s no escape from the chaos.

But there is a way to overcome it.

By working with other experts, who can help you be objective about your own situation, think clearly, and create a superior strategy that has your best interests in mind.

Lately, we’ve been offering a fractional business partnership service, to help consultants and professional service providers:

- Think clearly about their situation.
- Come up with a superior strategy for both short and long-term wins.
- Set and actually achieve income goals for themselves.
- Integrate clear and objective tracking of goals and progress towards them.
- Create business systems that allow for a shift to a more freedom focused lifestyle.
- Get clear and concise to the hard questions and strategic business decisions we all face.

So, if you feel like you're the only one trying to solve the problems in your business...

You're not alone.

Simply reach out for help.

But whatever you do, just don’t delay on getting the help and resources you need to think clearly about your situation.

Because when things get hairy, and you don’t know the difference between the sound of fear or intuition in your own mind and heart….

To make crucial decisions about you and your business...

That’s when you know it’s past time to get help on your business.


And order the chaos.  


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