Why Consulting Sucks... And What To Do About It.

Fellow consultant,

Have you ever:

1. Had a client expect you to do the impossible?
2. Find the scope of your work creep WELL outside the initial discussion?
3. Found yourself stressed about losing a big chunk of your consulting revenue?
4. Had prolonged dry spells, wondering where your next client was going to come from?
5. Simply wanted to make a great income to take care of yourself and your family?
6. Considered throwing in the towel and getting a job?

Well, after having spoken to dozens of consultants from brand consultants, CFOs, management consultants, HR specialists, and every other form of knowledge worker you can think of...

I can emphatically tell you...

You Are Not Alone.

You see, whilst consulting has some really high times, it also has some really low times.

And frankly, very few people have the courage to acknowledge that being a great consultant, does NOT necessarily make you a great entrepreneur.

In fact, the problem is deeper than that.

You see, although it has pretty high margins... traditional consulting is NOT a great business model. It is very easy to find yourself reactive, and spread too thin.

Especially if you are the one delivering the goods.

Simply put...

Any Business Has 3 Core Functions:

1. Sell thing
2. Deliver thing
3. Administration

If you are the seller of the thing, the deliverer of the thing, and the admin for the whole operation, then you are going to break.

The headspace required to do each of those things, is vastly different and it is VERY difficult hold those positions simultaneously.

If you've seen our presentation, The Truth About Consulting, you'll know we have been there and have the scars to prove it. 

Fortunately, however, there is a solution.

A solution that lets you enjoy:

1. The inherently rewarding parts of your work
2. A high income
3. Flexible working hours and conditions
4. Fun, novelty and challenge

And even adds...

5. Equity and asset value to your business
6. Predictable cash flow
7. Thought leadership and massive cultural influence

...to the scope of what you do.

We call it, the Apex Consultant Method, and it is based on our experience of working with the top 1% of consultants. 

The 7 figure consultants that are respected, and recognized as the experts in their fields. The ones that get invited to speak at events, and have clients come to them.

The Apex program will allow you to automate your marketing and create predictability. From here, you can focus on delivering, and have enough predictability to hire out your admin.

Ultimately, you get to enjoy the amazing lifestyle of a highly respected consultant and never look back.

If you'd like to discuss how you can *bad joke alert* "Make Consulting Great Again",  then reach out and we'll tell you about the Apex Consultant Method, and whether it can work for you.

Apex Is NOT for Everyone.

Simply put, you need to be ambitious for it to work, and have a high level of self esteem and self confidence. Consulting is a form of entrepreneurship, and as Steve Jobs once said,

"I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneur from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance."

Even with our guidance, you are going to need to channel some Steve and throw your entrepreneurial spirit into this.

But if I haven't scared you off...

Reach out and let's discover how we can help you.


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