Why It's Hard To Promote Yourself As A Consultant

Being an independent freelance consultant, or professional service provider means you have to be good at self-promotion.

Self-promotion is simply not optional in today’s digital age.

But here’s the thing about self-promotion:

There is an inverse correlation between looking good and being good.

The people who are the noisiest about what they do, often aren’t the ones who are the best at what they do.

Because the people who are actually good, are always focusing on how to get better.

They’re asking themselves, “How can I be better? How can what I do be better? How is this not already perfect?”

While the people who are good at self-promotion are saying to themselves...

“I am already perfect. This is already perfect. I need to make sure everyone who needs to know about it, knows about it.”

And as a result, the people who are doing the best work… often get the least clients.

This is because, you can’t promote yourself and focus on getting better at the same time simultaneously.

BUT you can, for a brief period of time, focus on creating marketing assets that:

Position you as the most relevant authority for your ideal clients.

Create relevant messaging that makes it obvious that your clients should work with you, and how they can with ease.

Consistently promote you and your services day and night, to all of your ideal clients simultaneously.

Turn cold prospects, into warm leads, and new customers with reliable ease and precision

Taking the time to do what needs to be done now...

So, that you can shift focus back on to getting better at what you do, and let the machine you’ve built promote you—for you. 

You see, it's not possible to promote yourself and get better at what you do at the same time...

But you can figure out how to promote yourself efficiently once…

And build a system that consistently promotes you in the best possible light, every minute, of every day, to the right people.

So, you can focus on what you love doing (or simply need to do) and let your system work for you.

Are you ready to solve the self-promotion struggle?

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