Why Market Saturation is a Myth

I want to share an idea with you that is humbling to admit, but will revolutionize your business when you embrace it.

And that idea is that...

Your level of income and the success of your business is directly proportional to the total amount of the market you are able to service...

And when you understand this, you will understand why market saturation is a myth.

You see, most consultants who rely on referrals for new clients, are simply servicing the amount of the market they happen to be brushing shoulders with.

This network may seem extensive, but it is a closed system.

The amount of people in the world who can benefit from your services and are happy to pay for them is more than you can imagine…

In fact, many of them may be far removed from you geographically.

At the time of writing, I am in Australia running a business that currently services 100% U.S. clients. I can assure you, I am not bound my geography, and neither should you be. And there's nothing fundamentally different between us.

I believe this is what they call, the "Blue ocean" :-)

If you want to get all evolutionary biology about it, our brains can only handle relating to ~150 people at a time, which is why we have the bias of believing our market is smaller than it truly is. Or even, "saturated".

But in reality, this is a fraction of the total amount of market demand you could be servicing. 

If you'd like to increase your awareness and start fishing in a bigger pond, then simply reach out for help and we'll show simple, cost effective marketing that works.

And you'll experience what it’s like to open your consulting with effective advertising, you will be shocked how much bigger your market penetration really can be.


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