Marketing Isn't Optional As A Consultant

The cool thing about working an in-house job…

Is that someone else is doing your marketing for you.

Usually, high-achiever types, who are investing their paychecks in something stable on the side… driving the fast cars… and living the high-performance lifestyle.

And their consistent energy prospecting, qualifying, calling, selling, following up and closings…

Hundreds of leads, per day, per person…

Is what affords almost all other non-revenue producing positions their ability to do what they do. Not that what they do isn’t important, but just that without that stable revenue, it just simply isn’t affordable.

LinkedIn has over 15,000 full-time employees… and 6,500 are in sales.

What does that tell you?

What exists at a larger level, must also exist on a smaller level. And in larger organizations, these truths are just most obvious.

All this to say that, in business: marketing is not optional.

Especially not when you’re on your own, consulting, either running a small business, or freelancing.

It’s easy to forget about marketing, because you have to fulfill for what you sell, you can’t be spending all of your time selling.

Which means you’re aren’t marketing during that time, and your business growth is suffering.

This is actually the reason why,  years ago, we created our method for marketing us consistently… day in, and day out.

You see, we were spending too much of our own time working with our clients, driving results, reporting results, making sure our methods worked in every niche.

So, we had to create a system that worked for us, while we worked on the business.

A system that was always positioning us and our offers articulately, creating the best possible first impression, with thousands of prospects per day…

So, that we could focus solely on showing up and delivering value day in and day out.

We’ve named our system: Apex.

Simple, to the point.

Just the best in the business. No fluff, no excuses.

And since creating it, we’ve helped dozens of consultants from niches in:

- Branding

- High-fashion

- Digital marketing

- Female empowerment coaching

- Real-estate

- Peak performance

- Athletic coaching

- Meditation and non-duality

- Business coaching

- Executive search

- HR and hiring

- Agile and scrum

- Career counseling

- Personal growth

And more… create predictable lead-flow they can rely on.

And even create and sell new scalable offers, that allow them to handle more clients at once, without burnout out…

Because they’ve automated their marketing, so all they have to do is focus on getting client results.

Normally, I’d try to downplay how many niches we’ve worked in, because it doesn’t sound believable.

But we have a genuine unified framework that can help anyone in consulting service their client acquisition and marketing challenges.


Knowing a marketing system like this exists, it begs the question:

Why isn’t a company like LinkedIn using a method like this instead of doing it manually?

Honestly: they don’t know it exists. Not at this level.

It’s that new.

But it works.

And they know that, which is why they are investing in figuring out how to make it work for them. But it’s hard to roll out radical changes this quickly, in a large organization.

But someone like you, in your position, could have this up and running within weeks, and talking to new prospects by the end fo the month.

Who know about you, what you do, and want to find a way to work with you.

That’s not hyperbole.

So if you know that you aren’t marketing yourself well enough…

You’re struggling to discover the right way to message for yourself and market you and your offerings…

And you’re not getting enough leads, at high-enough quality, so you can’t predict how next month is going to do compared to this one, just from the number of leads you’re getting…

Then reach out. 

We’ve helped others in your position, and it doesn’t take from anyone else for you to reach the Apex of your niche, too.



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