Why Most Independent Consultants Fail.

This is a controversial article, but you're probably used to that by now.

Today I want to give you a priceless, and dare I say penetrating, insight into the underlying cause of failure behind most independent consultants.

And that is that...

Most Independent Consultants Are Simply Not Entrepreneurial Enough to Succeed. 

They are playing defensively, not offensively, and STOPPED doing the things that actually grew their business in the first place.

Either that, or their consulting business never really started at all, because they never really gave it a shot.

(Building a website or editing your LinkedIn profile, no matter how pretty or clever sounding, doesn't count as giving it a real shot.) 

Why It's Not Exactly Your Fault

If you've been in the system for long enough, you get certain things beaten out of you.

You get complacent, risk averse, damagingly humble, comfortable, self-conscious and soft.

You feel as though you have more to lose than you do to gain, so you put off doing what needs to be done.

The years pass by... you get another certification, maybe even an MBA, all the while you KNOW you are not achieving at the level you could be.

You watch others live your dream, wondering...

"What's the Difference Between Them and Me?"

In one word? 


I can assure you, when I turned down a job at Ernst and Young fresh out of college, saddled with student loans... people thought I had gone crazy.

More importantly, I thought and felt I was crazy. 

Well wishes?

I had none, in fact, my peers at the time joked that I would end up working in a fast food chain.

Within a few months of dedicated focus (not screwing around) I was living my ideal lifestyle, traveling around the world and enjoying incredible freedom and joy, with the girl of my dreams.

Those same haters later became my biggest fans, not that I cared. 

My point is, that if you can't overcome your fears, then sit back on the bench and enjoy watching the game from the sidelines. Because courage is not an optional trait in the world of Apex Consulting.

We talk to people all day long that want the lifestyle of an Apex Consultant...

The high six or even seven figure income, the freedom, the respect, not having to answer to a boss, the recognition and the power to affect the world around them. The ability to retire their spouse, donate generously, and give them and their families the lives of their dreams.

But Guess What?

You can't expect to attract people who will confidently invest in YOUR services, unless you are willing to confidently invest in yourself. 

So if you're sick of coasting, and want some tough love to help you make the transition to an entrepreneurial Apex Consultant...

Reach out for help.

You may hate Colton and I during this process, but you will love the person you become.



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