Why Strategy Trumps Tactics

These days, there are more and more people talking about shiny new marketing tactics.

Sales funnels, chatbots, PDFs, case studies, webinars, the list goes on... as you surely know. And obviously the tactics work, to a point, or else no one would be talking about them.

But here’s the real secret behind all marketing tactics that no marketer is going to tell you…

It isn’t the tactics that work, but rather the strategy behind them.

The tactics aren’t new and they’ve been around for centuries.

Since the days of carrier pigeons sending direct mail, to voicemail on tape call rooms…

The tactics haven’t changed much, because people haven’t changed much.

Only the mediums have.

So, when you’re wondering why some consultants are able to scale to seven figures, build large firms, hire teams to support them, and/or create a lifestyle businesses that allow them to work where they want, how they want, with who they want…

This large degree of freedom, experienced only be a select few, comes from their superior digital marketing and business strategy—not the tactics they are using.

The Truth is, No One is Ever One Tactic Away From a Greater Degree of Success.

But at any point in time, you are at least one strategy away from a greater degree of success.

Which is why:

Strategy Trumps Tactics.

It's not time to level up your tactics, but it IS time to level up your strategy, to match the level of growth you desire.


Superior strategy allows you to work less, and get more done. To build momentum in the right direction. To exponentially compound results that pays you for decades.

To build a life and business you are happy and satisfied to run.

These are the victories that are achievable only by superior strategy.

And the highest leverage form of strategy in this day and age is actually Digital Marketing Strategy.

You’ve probably seen this title in HBR, The Economist, Bloomberg etc. and for good reason.

Digital Marketing Strategy is the exponential force behind radical business growth this decade, and for good reason.

How would you rate your Digital Marketing Strategy on a scale of 1-10?

Is it completely dialed in to the point where you are:

- Confident in the messaging you are using to position yourself and your services.
- Getting new qualified leads each and every day.
- Feeling there are more clients that need you and your services, than you even have the capacity to fulfill.
- Creating multiple offerings at multiple price-points to create a dynamic, high-margin, high-profit business.
- Able to view clear metrics, at a glance, to determine with certainty how well your business is doing.

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