Why We Fired Every Client

When we first decided to scale our business... we had to follow our words up with action.

We knew what we had to do... but it was hard.

We Fired Every Client

We hacked away at our income, one consulting client at a time, like a rabid dog trying to gnaw its own leg off in the pursuit of freedom.

A quarter million dollars worth of accounts—gone. 


Let's Start At The Beginning

Maybe you are like we used to be. 

A consultant, domain level expert, running a successful business, but fundamentally wanting to take things to the next level. 

Making at least six-figures a year, and confident in your ability to help your clients achieve a specific and significant result. 

But like we used to, you also experience long sales cycles, and rely mainly on referrals to grow your business. 

Sometimes work comes in hard and fast, and other times things slow down, which makes forecasting and  cash flow management impossible.

Worst of all, you’re spending far too much time on menial (but necessary) tasks, and not enough time looking at the big picture of your life and business to notice the emerging truth…

Your Business is Too Reliant on YOU. 

And there is, in fact, another level to success as a consultant. 

A level, characterized by a consistent, reliable flow of new business, which leads to stable income, and you hiring an high-performing team to manage the load. 

Where you become the go-to expert, who charges the highest fees, flies all over the world headlining stages, and gets invites to exclusive masterminds and events. 

This highest level is characterized by feelings of accomplishment, recognition, respect and financial security.

You know this level well, and you’ve seen others no more capable than you, reach it during your career. 

But the Question is, HOW?

Well, this is what we fired our clients to find out.

And spent months saying no to every single opportunity and distraction that popped up (rejecting literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business.)

Just so we could invest the full power of our focus to cracking the code, and finally answer the question, 

“What separates mid-level consultants from THE BEST?”

Crazy? Maybe a little.

But we found our answer.

Now, we share the answer in our presentation, 'The Truth About Consulting.' Maybe you've seen it already. 

If you have, you know that this journey was worth it 100x over, and not just for us, but also for our students who have gone on to grow their businesses and win back their time. 

To know for sure if this our methods will work for you, too…

Let us know if this sounds like you:

    •    Inconsistent sales flow

    •    Repetitive sales conversations

    •    Having to explain yourself constantly

    •    Talking to non-decision makers

    •    Relying too much on referrals

    •    Spending too much time on menial tasks

    •    Having to choose between keeping your business going, or spending time with your family

    •    Knowing that you could be working with bigger clients, getting bigger fees, and speaking on bigger stages

If even one of this hit a little too close to home, then watching this 30-minute presentation is the single most important thing you can do today to reach your goals. 

Take the time now and learn the one thing from us, that will help you breakthrough to the highest level of achievement as a consultant. 

And how you can prevent the most common critical failures most people make along in the attempt to make the jump. 


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