You Can't Consult For Yourself

Over the years, we've shared many lessons we learned from years working with consultants on how exactly to take their businesses from 6-7 figures.

Those lessons usually relate to the importance of:

  • Creating a systematic method for acquiring new clients
  • Generating predictable lead flow
  • And selling a scalable service…

But the one thing we may not talk about enough, which influences everything else and makes it all possible…is managing the personal dimension.

That is to say, managing yourself and getting help when you need it.

Learning to Manage Yourself

The truth is, business is not hard. 

It’s a rational, objective step-by-step process of finding perfect market, offer, and message fit.

Then, scaling up from there. 

But being the kind of person who can remain objective throughout that process and therefore succeed in business is hard—for most. 

We All Have Blindspots.

We often don’t know the full extent of what is possible for ourselves.

Let alone, the most effective way to achieve it in light of your current situation. 

And it’s for this reason that you can’t consult for yourself.

The reality as a consultant is, you can help other people solve enormous and complex problems with relative ease.

But the second it comes to being objective and solving your own problems—it’s like your wings are clipped.

And suddenly, you have no idea. 

Like your years of experience have suddenly added up to nothing, and you’re a babe lost in the woods. 

And you need an outsider’s perspective to see clearly.

We only know, because we've been there.

And we've been there for hundreds of others, more. 

That’s why this field of consulting exists in the first place, to bring expertise and clarity where it’s needed most.

We certainly would not have made it as far as we have, as quick as we have if we didn’t frequently get external help and mentorship—especially in the early stages of our business. 

So, if you know that you could be generative more lead flow, from higher quality clients.

Selling a more scalable offer, that takes less of your personal time.

And you’re tired of not operating at the level you know you are capable of…

Reach Out To Others For Guidance

Others have solved the problems you're trying to solve before.

And you're too close to your own situation to be able to see what you're missing. 

The only away around it is an outside perspective, from someone who has accomplished your goal before. Ideally, multiple times.

If you're spending unnecessary time staying stagnant...

Don't wait.

Reach out and let’s get clear on your blindspots.

Discuss your current situation. 

And determine the best way for you to get immediate traction towards your actual goals. 


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