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The 'In the Meantime' Myth

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15 Things Consultants Give Up To Achieve Success

When growing your business, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of trying to add more. More processes, more systems, more leads, more sales, because more is more — right?

Actually yes, it can be seen that the most successful consultants are adding more value, more often, to more people.

But the important distinction, that separates the best from the rest…

Is that before they added more, the world’s top consultants ruthlessly eliminate everything unnecessary from their lives and businesses…

Until only the essential remains.

Then, and only then, are they able to truly grow without restrains.

After working with dozens of the world’s most exclusive consultants, entrepreneurs, authors and experts — we discovered a pattern that these were the most critical 15 things they gave up first.

In order to gain the momentum to carry them for the duration of their career —and reach the heights of personal and professional achievement. 


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Consultant VS. Entrepreneur

As you will learn in our  upcoming presentation, "The Truth About Consulting", any consultant can achieve a life of success and freedom.

One where you reliably attract qualified clients, have no limitations on the income you earn, scale without restraint, earn back your time and are unanimously respected by the clients you choose to work with.

Resulting in a life of ultimate lifestyle freedom.

Many consultants start out with this dream...

But not everyone makes it.

You see this reality is accessible to everyone, but not everyone takes advantage of it.


It comes down to...

Beliefs, values and attitudes.

You see, while these opportunities are available to everyone, most don’t know what is possible for them...

Why it’s possible (and what really makes it possible)...

Or what really separates those who make it, from those who don't. 

But to save you the time, if we really had to sum it up in one sentence... 

Fundamentally it comes...

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The Price of Freedom...

When I worked a job, I longed to be free.

I felt I could do everything better, faster and directly benefit from the spoils of my labour. 

Seemed easy enough right?

Whilst much of that feeling turned out to be true, the reality of going renegade *cough* independent was also a slap in the face.

You see....

When You Work For a Company, You Don't Just Work For it, it Works For You.

HR, Admin, Accounting, payroll, office management and critically marketing are all functions of which you are a beneficiary.

As such, when you quit your job and go independent, you realize that the freedom you longed for has a price.

The buck stops with you, for better or worse.

And whilst you can ride high off referrals and your network for a while, you will inevitably realize that you are alone in uncharted territory.

Not Everyone Survives This Transitionary Period.

Having navigated it successfully and helped others do the same, we can tell you there are a few things that are going to help you...

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Why Most Independent Consultants Fail.

This is a controversial article, but you're probably used to that by now.

Today I want to give you a priceless, and dare I say penetrating, insight into the underlying cause of failure behind most independent consultants.

And that is that...

Most Independent Consultants Are Simply Not Entrepreneurial Enough to Succeed. 

They are playing defensively, not offensively, and STOPPED doing the things that actually grew their business in the first place.

Either that, or their consulting business never really started at all, because they never really gave it a shot.

(Building a website or editing your LinkedIn profile, no matter how pretty or clever sounding, doesn't count as giving it a real shot.) 

Why It's Not Exactly Your Fault

If you've been in the system for long enough, you get certain things beaten out of you.

You get complacent, risk averse, damagingly humble, comfortable, self-conscious and soft.

You feel as though you have more to lose than you do to gain, so you...

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What Separates the Top 1% of Consultants From the Rest?

In the gig economy, almost everyone is a consultant.

What used to be something you did ‘in-between jobs’ has become a driving force in the 2019 economy and it’s a good thing.

Those with expertise are finally getting immediate access to those they can help, and those with problems are being sought out by the people who are the best people in the world at solving them.

This means more problems are being solved for more people, more efficiently and at higher prices.

This is capitalism at its best—and it’s not just a trend, but a sign of things to come.

But no matter which side of the fence you sit on, whether you make the foray yourself, or you’re pondering it, one thing can be clearly seen:

There are two types of consultants.

And they are not created equal.

The first type of consultant represents the top 1%.

They have a predictable flow of new business coming to them and because of this—they choose who they want to work with.


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Why We Fired Every Client

When we first decided to scale our business... we had to follow our words up with action.

We knew what we had to do... but it was hard.

We Fired Every Client

We hacked away at our income, one consulting client at a time, like a rabid dog trying to gnaw its own leg off in the pursuit of freedom.

A quarter million dollars worth of accounts—gone. 


Let's Start At The Beginning

Maybe you are like we used to be. 

A consultant, domain level expert, running a successful business, but fundamentally wanting to take things to the next level. 

Making at least six-figures a year, and confident in your ability to help your clients achieve a specific and significant result. 

But like we used to, you also experience long sales cycles, and rely mainly on referrals to grow your business. 

Sometimes work comes in hard and fast, and other times things slow down, which makes forecasting and  cash flow management impossible.

Worst of all, you’re...

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