Lessons From the Field

Don’t Hire When You Can Automate

Once you use The Apex Consultant Method to get reliable and sustainable highly-qualified clients from the internet…

The next most common challenge consultants face, is scale.

You see, the hardest part of creating a wildly profitable consulting practice is not getting the clients, but balancing growth with getting your clients results.

Which leads to one of the hardest lessons a consultant can learn…

Don’t hire when you can automate. 

The reality is: far more businesses have died from over-hiring, than from automating.

To avoid this unfortunate reality...

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire When You Can Automate:

1) Overhead and time:

If you hire out what can (and should be) be automated, you run the risk elevating your overhead beyond what is sustainable and allowing for too much human error, too early into your business.

On average, nearly half of your new employees will end up not being a good fit for your organization, or produce results. And...

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Why We Fired Every Client

When we first decided to scale our business... we had to follow our words up with action.

We knew what we had to do... but it was hard.

We Fired Every Client

We hacked away at our income, one consulting client at a time, like a rabid dog trying to gnaw its own leg off in the pursuit of freedom.

A quarter million dollars worth of accounts—gone. 


Let's Start At The Beginning

Maybe you are like we used to be. 

A consultant, domain level expert, running a successful business, but fundamentally wanting to take things to the next level. 

Making at least six-figures a year, and confident in your ability to help your clients achieve a specific and significant result. 

But like we used to, you also experience long sales cycles, and rely mainly on referrals to grow your business. 

Sometimes work comes in hard and fast, and other times things slow down, which makes forecasting and  cash flow management impossible.

Worst of all, you’re...

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